A Slow Death For Those That Chose To Save

Posted by Schell Hammel on 26th Sep 2019

New York, Massachusetts, Michigan and Rhode Island have ALL banned either flavors or vaping products all together. All vaping products being demonized because of black market marijuana cartridges, a … read more

One Moment In Time

Posted by Schell on 10th Dec 2016

Much of life, as I see it, are snapshots of moments in time in history. If you look back at your snapshots and the snapshots of history, collectively they tell a story. They tell a story only you can … read more
Today is 8/9.

Today is 8/9.

Posted by Schell on 10th Aug 2016

Today is the day following the day we cannot tell you the truth. Today is the day if you ask us to create a flavor, we cannot ask the lab to do so. Today there will be no new products allowed. Today w … read more

We Are The Trolley Car

3rd Jun 2016

The time period is the 1940's and all public transportation in populated places are trolley cars. They are comfortable and the preferred method for commuters. But soon, they start disappearing and rep … read more

Freak Show...Happy to Oblige

Posted by Schell Hammel on 20th Mar 2016

And the side show continues, does it not? The race to create the most asinine labels, treading blatantly close to the trademark border that separates a known product from e-liquid, and the deliberate … read more