Diacetyl Acetyl Propionyl

Diacetyl Acetyl Propionyl

13th Sep 2014

You've read about it on Reddit, Facebook, BBC, and even in new articles across the US. Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. It has be proven unsafe to vape. So who tests for it in their liquids? Who checks … read more

Against The Grain

Posted by Against The Grain on 7th Sep 2014

In the past two months, I have been to two vape functions. I can tell you that electronic cigarettes and their meaning in society has definitely changed. For the better? Well, I guess that is up to th … read more

The New ProVari P3

24th Aug 2014

Introducing: The New ProVari P3..Not Just The P3..The Diamond Shape Etched Collector's Edition BETA TEST MODEL! How do you get yours? Thursday August 28th in Grapevine, McKinney and Katy, come get ' … read more