Diacetyl Acetyl Propionyl

Diacetyl Acetyl Propionyl

13th Sep 2014

You've read about it on Reddit, Facebook, BBC, and even in new articles across the US. Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. It has be proven unsafe to vape. So who tests for it in their liquids? Who checks to make sure it is not included in their flavorings and relentlessly works to test and re-test to substitute for YOUR safety? What shops out there do that? 


We have results on ALL liquids and if you call or email, we will gladly give you the results. There are many in our original line that have been reformulated and are not completely clean, but those that still have traces in it (under 100) are in the process of being reformulated. There are approximately 10 raw favors and approx 25 flavors left to reformulate.

Our Custard line test results: 

New Results to come under the new names, but below you find the results for our line prior to name changes and glass bottles. 

Vanilla Hippo - Savage Bean

Melon Pop - Wicked Vine

Ape Vape - Primal Carnage

Spongebob - Jagged Indulgence

Grasshopper - Deminted

Pear -A- Dise - Despearado

Mystic Cloud - Rebellion

Tangerine Skies - Pulp Fantasy

Blackberry Cobbler - Night Phantom

Here is the Rest of The Testing Done Thus Far. This is stage three..and we are getting close

If it has an X by it, it has been pulled for sale and is being reformulated
If it has a O by it, it is being reformulated, but can be sold
If it has a check mark by it, it has been reformulated based on clean test results of a substitute flavor and is waiting to be retested to make sure results are conclusive to that.

Some of these are pretty low, which could be cross contamination, but we are reformulating anyway.
Some have raw flavors in common and are at the compounder right now to be re-made without D/AP, so should have

those back pretty soon!
Butterscotch is a pickle as all substitutes we have pulled in have tested nasty, so for the time being..no butterscotch in our line.

So here is how we have progressed...since January, tested ALL raw flavors...after tests, brought in potential substitutes..tested those, reformulated based on clean results, went back to drawing board for bad results..brought in more substitutes and tested..and on and on..so...this is where we are at present and on the website, the D/AP results are in the description of each just in case no one wants to go back and forth!