Who We Are!

22nd Feb 2016

We need a lot more Davids

Posted by Schell Hammel on 10th Sep 2015

About 3 years ago, we were sitting around the small table that we originally had at The Vapor Bar and in walks an older gentleman dragging an oxygen tank slowly behind him, panting with every step … read more

The Last Word?

Posted by Schell Hammel on 15th Aug 2015

In the world of journalism, advocates and science, when is enough enough? My response to the very unsubstantiated, factl-ess, article below. Full article HEREThe Last Word?In The Rise of E-cigarettesI … read more

Nickel Wire Uncertainty and New Stuff

8th Jul 2015

Hey guys, Just a quick update to tell you about a few things that are going to be in our stores and some that will NOT be in our stores. So, the Ego One on the VT comes with a nickle wire coil th … read more

The Vaping World Today, What Can You Do To Help

Posted by Schell Hammel on 24th Jun 2015

Why The Deflection, Irresponsibility, Indifference and Fighting?It's been said over and over in our industry. What is going on with the immaturity, lack of interest, deflection and immorality in the e … read more