Your Advocacy Team

3rd Mar 2015

     February 23, 2015 A team of dedicated harm reduction advocates walked up the steps of the state capital of Texas with one thing on their mind, “How can we help these individ … read more

Let's Discuss What All This New Stuff Means

Posted by Schell on 23rd Jan 2015

First, I have to apologize for not posting in here for a while. It is has been a crazy couple of months in the vaping world as you might imagine with the holidays to boot. And we won't even mention th … read more

The New Provari 3 IS Here And Your Choice In E-Liquid

Posted by Schell on 15th Nov 2014

OH yeah! They're here! The New Provari P3. I use this unit personally and I can tell you I LOVE it! AND it's safe! You guys know me! I am a Safety and Research Whore so yeah...I LOVE IT! These gu … read more