The New Provari 3 IS Here And Your Choice In E-Liquid

Posted by Schell on 14th Nov 2014

OH yeah! They're here! The New Provari P3. I use this unit personally and I can tell you I LOVE it! AND it's safe! You guys know me! I am a Safety and Research Whore so yeah...I LOVE IT! 

These guys are not offered online, but you can get yours by calling 214-705-8111 and asking what we have available or left. Don't worry...if we should run out...I got more coming! LOVE Provape and the attention they pay to safety and quality, so you won't be disappointed!

Let's talk E-Liquid! yes, I say e-liquid. I would like to change the whole concept of using the term juice or ejuice. All we need is for a 2 year old to hear about Mommies juice and pick it up and drink it...c'mon people..we got enough to worry about, right? Let's not make it worse!

So! What's happening in the E-Liquid World? 

What do we know and what are we doing that is keeping you in the position for getting the BEST Eliquid we can Bring you? How about this?

Testing for the following items in your nicotine:

THEN Add To It That We Test For Diacetyl/Acetyl Propionyl In Every Eliquid We Create...and Post the results!

What does that mean? 

Well, The FDA is meeting In December with Scientists, doctors and the like to gather information about what may be harmful in Eliquids. The "premium" E liquid producers out there are going to have to BECOME premium. They are going to have adhere to standards, compliance and regulations. Why? Because you're inhaling this stuff! That's why! If there is something in it that can give you a lung disease, is an irritant or is an unknown...they SHOULD be disclosing it. Heck, even your food has to have chemical ingredients listed Do they know it's in there? If they don't...they should...which means they are not making your liquid while staying up on medical issues/new practices/ research...they're just mixing...well ...that's called bathtub mixing guys. 

Do they carry liability insurance, do they mix in a sterile environment? Do they use masks gloves, etc? If you walked into subway and a guy coughed on your sandwich, is that ok? Why is it ok with your eliquid? 

Standards, Safety, Compliance. It's not easy, it's not cheap...but it is important and a necessity. Ok, I'll get off my soap box now and tell you about the fun stuff! 

We've got the Big Dripper In Stock

We're carrying lower cost starter Mods For the holidays so you guys can buy as gifts for those you love! 

We have the Famous ROSE atomizer in stock at select stores AND......

Oh yeah...The Atlantis will be in stores within a week or so! 

This is supposed to be the rebuildable cloud chasing alternative! Screw it in like a nautilus coil yet chase clouds like a rebuildable! You tell me .... I'll be looking for your feedback in my email! 

Ok, I'm done... OH...Vape Summit was great! Got tons of great feedback about our speaker series and look for new ones in the future. 

Peace out!