Let's Discuss What All This New Stuff Means

Posted by Schell on 23rd Jan 2015

First, I have to apologize for not posting in here for a while. It is has been a crazy couple of months in the vaping world as you might imagine with the holidays to boot. And we won't even mention the story of our eldest son's car getting totaled when he came home from college on Christmas break...nope..not going there. LOL. But there are a few stories that are noteworthy and I feel worth mentioning. 

So start with the latest

The New England Journal Of Medicine Letter To The Editor regarding Formaldehyde in E-Cigarettes

First I think it is important to note that letters are not studies and they do not need to be substantiated before being published, so this is not a study. Or research that has been substantiated through facts and release of information. 

Second, This letter has so many holes that we should name it Swiss Cheese

First, they have not released what type of device they used as well as atomizer. They did not release how long the atomizer rested between activation. They did not release whether the liquid was tested to indeed contain pg/vg/nicotine and food flavorings...don't laugh, this is important as many vendors are using strange substances in their eliquid and not claiming they are there. 

So, if we were to assume they used a 1.8 resistance atomizer on a 5 volt battery........well, if you are a normal user of electronic cigarettes...you know what this will do! Burn immediately and create a nasty flavor and vapor.  We learn real quick not to EVER do that again! 

Next, As I dug deeper into this letter and it's sources, I unearthed the disclosure letters that are required to show conflict of interests and indeed there were! After researching the names, found that two of the four claimed to financially back this "letter" are prominent attorneys (one being a partner) in a litigating law firm known to have filed several class action lawsuits pertaining to tobacco. The names also appear on another letter to the editor regarding candy flavors in tobacco. That being said, you can draw your own conclusions as the writing is on the wall. See for yourself, as all the information is public access and anyone could have found this. So all you vape shops that are fighting different battles right now in your states regarding bills being filed...be aware they may use this "letter" in arguments..arm yourselves with this knowledge. They will have to pull up "legitimate research" before it can be used fairly. Litigating attorneys' bogus letter and proposed research laying the foundation for a class action lawsuit that pads their pockets is not legitimate research, imo and discredits the entire "letter"

FDA Workshop for Electronic Cigarettes

Wow...this was an eye opener for sure! Sitting and listening to many speak about things that are so untrue was painful. Although, there was a ton of good information as well. 

I am excited to see these! Don't think I am crazy..yes I know they are the FDA..they are government, but come on...we really need this. If they do it right and weigh it all correctly, then regulation will come in and I know of no industry that needs it more! Let me lay it out for you. A woman came into one of our shops one day saying she believes she needs a different strength of eliquid as hers makes her feel terrible. We ask to see the bottle and I kid you not...it was a bottle of 60mg eliquid! Are you kidding me? When asked where she purchased it, she told us a gentleman at a shop sold it to her. I assume this bottle came from China and the buyer was supposed to dilute it prior to selling...but didn't! We need these shops, manufacturers, etc to be held accountable for disclosure and standards. This is just ONE story we have heard. It would take me all day to tell you about how people have been misinformed. 

I also have to add that at the FDA Dr Farsalinos was a machine. I am so proud that we have him in our corner and trust me, he did not go overboard, yet answered factually and shut the accusations down from the opposing members quickly and easily without rebuttal, as he was prepared for the allegations that were thrown at our industry and the false claims and or questions being made or asked. 

I only hope the others that will be scheduled will go well also and that we will be invited back to speak more. 

Dr. Farsalinos's new study!! I cannot wait for the results of this study and although all research needs time....HURRY! Lol. 

It may be bad...it may be good, but either way we can learn and grow from it. Just as we learned and grew from the diacetyl study, albeit extremely expensive and challenging for us, so will we from all that come out whether positive or negative in research moving forward. 

Texas Proposed Bills

Well, Congress is in session and with it comes new bills filed. Some will make it to the end and some will not. 

Some items proposed:

1. Age restrictions    Please PASS THIS! 

2. Websites being either restricted from selling to anyone within the state or being able to sell but releasing all data to state regarding customers and sales

3. Taxation on advertising

4. Product registration on all hardware through the state fire marshall

There are more that could come or have come but this is what we know as of now.

Of course we at The Vapor Bar are being very diligent and working to fight the ones that impact consumers and will behind some of these. If you would like to help us in those efforts, we will have donation boxes set up at each location and all money will go to aid us in this pursuit. These will be out by next week.

Ok, so serious stuff aside...Go have a great weekend, enjoy your family, friends and loved ones and rejuvenate yourselves for the week ahead as well as whatever fight may arise between now and then!