Nickel Wire Uncertainty and New Stuff

8th Jul 2015

Hey guys, 

Just a quick update to tell you about a few things that are going to be in our stores and some that will NOT be in our stores. So, the Ego One on the VT comes with a nickle wire coil that we will not be adding in. Instead, we will sell it with the titanium coils. Nickel has not been tested for these devices and the inhalation studies that are out there are showing negative results with toxic chemicals with this type wire, so, to err on the side of caution until further research and testing is done, we will not be selling nickel wire or nickel wire coils. 

On another note, our dripping line is out and the last flavor will release this Friday. Hope you all enjoy them! Also, The Vanilla Dream has been re-created successfully and will be on all shelves Friday as well!

Please contact us with any questions.