A Slow Death For Those That Chose To Save

Posted by Schell Hammel on 26th Sep 2019

New York, Massachusetts, Michigan and Rhode Island have ALL banned either flavors or vaping products all together. All vaping products being demonized because of black market marijuana cartridges, although this is very widely known and written about.

Washington Post

Business Insider

It is not the message that lawmakers are listening to.Why? And what is yet to come?

Thousands of businesses will close their doors. Millions in tax dollars will be lost. Thousands of employees will lose their jobs. Countless consumers will have no choice but go back to smoking cigarettes if this knee jerk reaction sweeps the country. Black market will emerge heavier than ever before, putting countless lives in danger.

If keeping these out of the hands of minors is their intent, they raised the age to 21 in two of these states, why not the other two? And if raising the age to 21 was the answer, why do they say It isn’t working?

The FDA does routine inspections on area vape shops, general stores and convenience stores that sell tobacco products, handing out warning letters to offenders. On their own website,

FDA Inspections

they show the offenders to the tune of 90% or more, to be convenience stores. If youth access is your issue, why not move these products out of the general market and into adult only establishments?

Juuling…. It is a term our youth is using for vaping these days. Why? The Juul e-cig is inconspicuous and has the highest nicotine content readily on the market to date, containing over twice the amount in a cigarette. Many have reported they start using it for the "buzz", but the high nicotine content creates a nicotine dependency. Are we not creating a whole new generation of nicotine dependent individuals? And if that is the case, why have these products not been pulled from the market? Who will help these individuals ween down from this high amount of nicotine once they are of age and notice there is a problem? If legislators keep ignoring the FACTS, all vape shops (that focus on weening the users down) will all close their doors. All those who vape, will surely go back to tobacco.

Why are they keeping cigarettes on the market?

Cigarettes kill 480,000 per year according to the CDC. And yet they keep them on the market and readily available.

Lots of questions in here…. Now let’s assume this has anything to do with it. Keep reading.

Tech crunch reported HERE that a new vape pen is currently set to go through clinical trials to be an FDA approved drug. Yes.. vape pen like you use now…. Going through clinical trials that will only be available through a pharmacy, weening users down.

Let’s break it down further.

The investors in this innovative device are listed HERE

and one of the backers Village Global

Substantial money and clout. Bloomberg….. Gates… what does one have to do with the other?

The New York Times reported that Bloomberg and Gates have contributed over 1 billion dollars to Tobacco Free Kids



Good for them, right? Maybe.

Tobacco Free Kids recently filed a lawsuit against the FDA

Why? In layman’s terms, without the legal jargon, Tobacco Free Kids reported that the FDA did not have the authority to extend the regulation period and keep vaping products on the market past the previously established PMTA date, where the FDA had moved to August of 2022. The result of that lawsuit requires all vapor products go through the PMTA process ( a 500k – 1 mil dollar process per SKU) by April of 2020, which is impossible given the FDA recently released it’s final guidance for how that should be done. Impossible anyway for the small business. Why not make reasonable regulations that small business can accomplish and stay in business?

Coincidence that Bloomberg and Gates are investors in this new pharmacological vape device? Coincidence that they gave a large sum of money to tobacco free kids?

Coincidence that Tobacco Free Kids filed a lawsuit against the FDA that would inevitably wipe out all small manufacturers and small businesses in the vapor industry overnight?

Coincidence that Bloomberg has begun an anti-vaping campaign (SEE MORE HERE) and yet is invested in a vapor device company?

Coincidence that no one is telling the whole story about the recent deaths? That these are black market products that are adulterated with ingredients not meant for inhaling?

FOR OUR CUSTOMERS: Manufacturers are already regulated by the FDA. We have to register our products and list our ingredients. These are NOT the products we are being warned about. Check for your manufacturer or your preferred e- liquid HERE

In closing: The small business good actors are being railroaded. By the end of this year many will be closed, employees will lose their jobs, and those whose lives they felt they were saving years ago by switching them off products that kill hundreds of thousands a year, will turn to cigarettes again. Nowhere to turn. And thousands will die. Why? Well, you have all the information…..