We Are The Trolley Car

3rd Jun 2016

The time period is the 1940's and all public transportation in populated places are trolley cars. They are comfortable and the preferred method for commuters. But soon, they start disappearing and replaced with bus systems. The bus systems are crowded, smelly, hot, and uncomfortable and no one knows why they are there in place of trolley cars. Faced with either enduring the discomfort of the bus or purchasing a car, many turn to purchasing an automobile. Little did they know that behind the scenes was a company by the name of National City Lines, a large corporation that was buying up all the trolley cars and replacing them with smelly, pollutant, overcrowded bus systems. Pulling back the curtain, we find the stakeholders of National City Lines. Those stakeholders are General Motors, Firestone and Standard Oil, who's jobs were to build the buses, and supply the tires and gas for those buses. So why would they go into business to purchase all of the trolley systems, and replace them with such an awful system of bus lines? To push everyone to purchase an automobile. The perfect play and push. Politics at the expense of the public. Money over lives. Greed over comfort. 

The very organizations that ask us to value our lungs and heart, are pushing for us to ignore a solution to the tobacco problem. The very organizations that are yelling to protect the children, are risking parents to return to tobacco, known to cause second hand carcinogens. The very organizations that produce medicinal drugs that save lives from AIDS, sepsis and pneumonia are ghosting and maneuvering, knowing if they win, people will die. We will have to fight, litigate, plead and pray for people to come to our rescue to help us save lives. This is so backwards to what it should be. 

Trolley car. I am a trolley car. I am less dangerous, less pollutant, I smell better and I am more comfortable. I am a vapor product and behind the scenes people are paying big bucks to make sure I go away. 

So, I say we take out the big bus. Chin up, vapor industry.. Join SFATA, Join CASAA ...get engaged.. know our enemy and who is behind the curtain. It's time to make sure we aren't pushed aside for the greed of money. And it's time to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Our children, our loved ones, our neighbors. Do what you can, and put your soul into it. This is history. We are making history. I certainly don't want to pick up a history book and read about the vapor industry that was absolved like the trolley car. We are stronger and we are smarter. 

August 8, 2016

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