Today is 8/9.

Today is 8/9.

Posted by Schell on 9th Aug 2016

Today is the day following the day we cannot tell you the truth. Today is the day if you ask us to create a flavor, we cannot ask the lab to do so. Today there will be no new products allowed. Today we cannot manipulate your nicotine level, your flavors, your pg/vg ratio. 

Today we are gagged, stifled and denied innovation. The ability to make a difference is GONE. Today sucks. 

The new 18th amendment. 

"Congress submitted the 18th Amendment, which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors, for state ratification. Though Congress had stipulated a seven-year time limit for the process, the amendment received the support of the necessary three-quarters of U.S. states in just 11 months."


"the Prohibition era encouraged the rise of criminal activity associated with bootlegging. The most notorious example was the Chicago gangster Al Capone, who earned a staggering $60 million annually from bootleg operations and speakeasies. Such illegal operations fueled a corresponding rise in gang violence, including the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago in 1929, in which several men dressed as policemen (and believed to be have associated with Capone) shot and killed a group of men in an enemy gang."

American Government...FDA....What are you doing? 

The College of Royal Physicians who first found and reported tobacco cigarettes to be a health problem is quoted saying,

“This is the first genuinely new way of helping people stop smoking that has come along in decades,” said John Britton, director of the U.K. Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies at the University of Nottingham." Further says,

“have the potential to help half or more of all smokers get off cigarettes. That’s a huge health benefit, bigger than just about any medical intervention.”


But we can't say that. 

Good, we didn't. 

THEY did.

Furthermore, It is estimated that the Vapor Bar has sold electronic cigarettes to 37,000 of our customers, who have used electronic cigarettes ONLY for the last year. (at last count, a year ago) 

Prohibition, black market; these pose a huge safety issue that is destined to happen due to these over-reaching regulations. 

8/8 is the 911 for our industry. The stage is set, the players picked and the plot continues to thicken with all the players who stand to pad their pockets. 

I opened this company because I never wanted anyone to have to hold their loved ones hand and watch the light go out in their eyes due cancer, as I did. 

I have funded my OWN visits to FDA 4 times, OMB twice, DC, Texas state capitol dozens upon dozens of times. I've held meeting after meeting and podcast after podcast of regulations help. I will continue to do so.

I will obey and conform. BUT I will not go down without a fight. If you want to, go ahead, but my money and time will go into making sure that we FINISH this fight. I don't scare easily.